[Solved] Hyperref isn’t working right with lineno

generallyconfuzzled Asks: Hyperref isn’t working right with lineno
For my end-of-year stats notes, I cite everything in line numbers because it makes everything much more specific, and it’s relevant to my needs. I tried adding in hyperlinks so that it would be easier to move around the pdf, as it’s gotten quite sizeable, but the hyperref package has started to put out the following warning:

Suppressing link with empty target on input line [line number].

I’m not entirely sure why this is happening. (I will note that I’ve been using commands fromline to label lines and toline to reference them in order to increase efficiency, but I don’t see why that would be a problem.)



newcommand{fromline}[1]{linelabel{#1}hypertarget{#1}{ }}

fromline{bells} Olim, olim Deus accelere, hoc sæculum splendidum. Accelere fiat venire olim.

The first part of textit{The Bells of Notre Dame} is in Latin, as found on line toline{bells}.

It also doesn’t make links in the table of contents, which is something I would like. Does anyone know why this might be? Thanks!!!!!

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