[Solved] How to scrape a map on a website for informations stored in popups?

Etsaf Asks: How to scrape a map on a website for informations stored in popups?
I’m relatively new to web scraping so I’m not sure about which approach I should use to collect informations in a specific scenario in which the informations are stored on a map and displayed in popups, such as : Les acteurs PCSTI

Basically :

  1. the website shows a map,
  2. contact informations are displayed in popups,
  3. a popup will appear when clicking on a geo-tag button,
  4. targeted informations are those lines stored in that popup

I was thinking of using selenium + xpath method but I’m unsure regarding the way to deal :

  1. with this amount of buttons that have to be clicked on
  2. with the popups.

Would you have any resources / tips to advise me to know where to start ?

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