[Solved] How to remap an existing keybinding in Zathura

PlasmaBinturong Asks: How to remap an existing keybinding in Zathura
After reading the man zathurarc for the map command, I still don’t know how to remap an existing keybinding. By “remapping”, I mean replacing a current keymapping for a given action.


<C-Button1> (Control + click) is currently mapped to the synctex backward search, with the following settings in my zathurarc config file:

set dbus-service true # Already the default
set synctex true      # Already the default
set synctex-editor-command "gvim --servername GVIMTEX --remote +%{line} %{input}"

However, I don’t like using the mouse, so I want to map the synctex action to, say <C-s>.


I tried the following line in my zathurarc:

map <C-s> feedkeys "<C-Button1>"

It doesn’t work and shows “open n1>” in the inputbar.

Alternative ideas​

I could also map <C-s> to the shortcut_function for synctex, if only I knew what it was…


I find that there is too few information in the zathura documentation. For example I would like to know:

  1. how to list all current key bindings (that would help not to override current mappings…)
  2. how to use the feedkeys function, because it is nowhere in my documentation, and I don’t know from which version it was available (I have Ubuntu 16.04 and zathura 0.3.5).
  3. what is the shortcut_function used for synctex. Is there one?

Could anyone show me how to use <C-s> instead of <C-Button1>?

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