[Solved] How to Refresh Miktek without the Miktex Console

mlchristians Asks: How to Refresh Miktek without the Miktex Console
I have been trying to add the leadsheets package to my Miktex files by going to leadsheets, downloading the file, unzipping the contents, and copying them to the LateX subdivsion of my Miktex folder. Alas, when trying to run a simple document that invokes the leadsheets package, it didn’t work—but discovered by listening to an online video that I need (at last) to `refresh Miktek’ to get the program to run.

The problem is—I do not have the Miktex console on my computer, nor, for some reason, am I able to download it.

QUESTION: Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I may “refresh Miktek” in order that it may recognize the unzipped LEADSHEETS files that I have added to the directory?

Thank you.

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