[Solved] How to pass background task identifier to completion handler?

user443854 Asks: How to pass background task identifier to completion handler?
I see many examples using a class member variable to pass the value of background task to completion block:

self.bgTask = UIApplication.sharedApplication()
    .beginBackgroundTaskWithName("bg task", expirationHandler: { () -> Void in
        self.bgTask = UIBackgroundTaskInvalid

If this code is called twice, second time while the first background task is still running, then self.bgTask will get overwritten with the new task’s identifier, and UIApplication.sharedApplication().endBackgroundTask(self.bgTask) may never get called.

If I declare a local variable instead, then its value is captured by closure before being initialized. No good either.

How can I pass task ID to its completion handler safely? If my reasoning above is wrong, please correct me.

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