[Solved] How to parse gradlew output to get artifact version?

Chris F Asks: How to parse gradlew output to get artifact version?
I’m writing a routine that parses the dependencies{} portion of a build.gradle file, which may look like this

dependencies {
  compile "com.groupId:artifact0:1.0.0"
  compile "com.groupId:artifact1:2.+"
  compile "com.groupId:artifact3:3.+"
  compile "org.otherGroupId:artifact:1.0.0"

Now I run a Jenkins pipeline (Groovy) script that does the following. The awk takes all the lines that start with “+” character in column 1, and has “com.groupId” string. What I’m calling “other data” are lines that neither have “+” in column 1, nor the “com.groupId” string, the awk script ignores those.

sh "./gradlew project:dependencies | tee deps.txt"
List depList = sh(script: " awk -F '[: ]+' -v OFS=: '/^\+.*com\.groupId/ && !seen[$2,$3]++{print $2, $3, $4}' deps.txt",
                  returnStdout: true).split("n")

My deps.txt shows

+ --- com.groupId:artifact0:1.0.0
... other data
+ --- com.groupId:artifact1:2.+ -> 2.1.0
... other data
+ --- com.groupId:artifact2:3.+ -> 3.0.0 (*)
... other data
+ --- org.otherGroupId:artifact:1.0.0
... other data

and my List depList looks like


which is exactly what I asked awk to do correct? Note the 4th dependency is not there, again because of my awk statement.

But how can I modify the awk script to get the actual version values, so my depList shows this? In other words, I want it to get the resolved versions obtained by the dependencies Gradle task.


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