[Solved] how to highlight a svg map image based on form

Hamza Nassar Asks: how to highlight a svg map image based on form
am new to coding, i have a form in my website that has a pickup and destination inputs, after the user submits the form it shows a svg map image , i want to highlight the the pickup and destination areas based on what’s in the form through javascript maybe?, i searched for hours for how to do this but all i found is highlighting a map on hover and other useless stuff for me, please help. here’s the form to show what i mean.

<form action="rideHandler.php" method="POST" id="tripinfo">
                 <div id="toFrom">
                      <select name="from" id="from" required >
                          <option value selected disabled>select an area</option>
                          <option value="blahbalh">blahblah</option>
                          //other options

                      <select name="to" id="to" required >
                          <option value selected disabled>select an area</option>
                          <option value="blahblah">blahblah</option>
                           //other options
                   //other irrelevant form inputs
               <button type="submit" class="subBtn" id="show"> Finish up</button>

ideally after submitting it shows a page with the highlighted areas, please help? i don’t want code, i just want the method, how should i do it? and what should i use? should it be through javascript or something else?

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