[Solved] How to edit an existing commit in git

Spagliari Asks: How to edit an existing commit in git
I want to edit an old commit in git. How do I undo just a part of an old commit? (I am a bit of a git rookie, so sorry if I am confused about terms etc).

Example: in a commit, say three commits back, I deleted some code that should not have been deleted (yet). Now I want to go back and undo that particular change of that commit. It’s a local repo.

What I have tried is what google gives me: stash + rebase -i + amend, but these invariably end up in a mess that takes (me) hours to resolve. None of them lets me actually edit the commit, only to do new changes – which in case of deleted code means me to locate and re-enter the deleted lines again, by hand (cut and paste). Then, even if the rebase is successful, the stash pop always fails… with a merge mess on my hands..). There just must be an easier way!

When I do a git add -p, it allows me edit the commit, line-by-line, and confirm what goes in. Now I want to redo that process, but on a commit. A git unadd -p of sorts, allowing me to delete the lines in the .patch with ‘-‘ in front.

Sorry, if my frustration with this comes through.

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