[Solved] How to edit a text file in a zip or rar archive, without manual extract/compression?

ng80092b Asks: How to edit a text file in a zip or rar archive, without manual extract/compression?
I have a text file in a compressed file (rar/zip) On my desktop, I happen to be able to edit it, and then winrar or 7zip send a message saying the text file was changed and asking if I want him to update it.

The same thing seems impossible to do in android 8.1.0. I have tried Zarchiver, Zarchiver pro, RAR from rarlabs, several text editors, but in the end, the zip file is never updated with the changes I make in the text.

Does anyone knows a way? Or a way that allows me to set a password on a text file that is cross platform between Android and Windows?

Edit nº1

Installed the MI explorer and the archive plugin, and altough it’s a powerful tool it’s not working. When I try to save the text file it says “Not supported!” regardless of zip or rar file. I wonder if it’s because the archive has a password. It also seems he can’t open the zip file directly from dropbox app, providing the same “not supported!” error. Any hint, or any other tool I could try? In the settings of Mi explorer doesn’t seem anything could help.

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