[Solved] How to delete temp/partially downloaded or installed XCode? [duplicate]

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I accidentally shutdown my mac (BigSur 11.5.1) during the installation of XCode 12.5.1, after turning it back on, the 12GB of space it takes were gone but XCode isn’t installed and nothing related to it can be found using Spotlight either.

I tried re-downloading XCode from the AppStore to fix it, but it doesn’t let me download it anymore (I am able to download other apps). The error shown when trying to download XCode is the following:

There is not enough disk space available to install the product.

I have tried using apps like Cleaner One Pro to map the entire disk and find the partially installed/downloaded file but it is nowhere to be found. Before downloading I had ~52GB available, now I’ve got ~41GB. This should be enough to download from the AppStore and install again but the error doesn’t seem to go away.

I’ve also tried restarting my PC and checking for purgable space using Disk Utility (only 100MB purgeable)

Any help is highly appreciated

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