[Solved] How to create different types of changebars

Jack Asks: How to create different types of changebars
I need to mark two different types of changes in a document, but I cannot use different colours. The only solution I found so far is to change the changebarwidth, but using a thin and a thick changebar, respectively, is not a ‘beautiful’ solution for my needs. Instead, I am looking for a solution to change the type of the changebar, e.g. using a “double-changebar” (two parallel changebars) or a dashed changebar or something like that. I have tried to use nested changebars but I was not able to alternate the changebarsep for the second changebar only. Is there a feasible solution for getting different changebars?

Update: The solution should also work for changes that go over two (or more) pages.

Here is an example code:





This is some text.\

Here is some text that has to be marked with the usual changebar.

This is some further text.\

setlengthchangebarsep{15pt} %this seems not to have any effect at all 
Here is some text that has to be marked with a different changebar.


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