[Solved] How to align an input box with a button label

Anton Asks: How to align an input box with a button label
I’m using materialUI and React to create a form with Selects and input boxes and corresponding labels. I’m trying to change the code such that the labels double as materialUI buttons.

<InputLabel id="attribute-input-label" shrink={true}>
{constraint.categories.map((item: string, index) => (
       <MenuItem key={index} value={item}>

I first tried just surrounding the inputLabel element in Button tags but that seemed to cause all sorts of bugs and when I finally got through them all the Button size was smaller than the text.

I instead used a typography element and it worked much better but I can’t get the typography to align nicely with the textbox the way it did with inputLabel. I have set the id of the typography element to that of inputLabel yet it doesn’t align with the select.

Is there a way of aligning non-inputLabel text with a input boxes and Selects?

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