[Solved] How can I keep my files locked in iCloud Drive?

florieger Asks: How can I keep my files locked in iCloud Drive?
I have some files (Pages, Numbers, etc.) saved in my iCloud Drive.
I wanted to make sure that I don’t change them accidentally, so I locked them as described in Lock a document on Mac

This works as long as im on the same machine, but not when the file is synced to others.

  1. I create a new Pages document called “MyDocument” on my MacBook and add some content.
  2. I lock it.
  3. I open it on my iMac.
  4. Without any warning or prompt I’m able to edit on my iMac. The lock status is not synced through iCloud.
  5. Same behavior on my iPhone.

How can I make sure that once I lock a file, it is locked on all other devices that access the same file through the iCloud Drive?
(… or at least for all other macOS devices).

P.S. Im aware that I could create a PDF or some other file format that can’t be edited.
I just want to know how to preserve the lock status through iCloud Drive.

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