[Solved] How can I jump to the next row when I navigate with keyCode on the right?

and.neo2020 Asks: How can I jump to the next row when I navigate with keyCode on the right?
I have a table with three columns. In the first column is text and in the second and third are input fields. Within the row I can navigate with keyCode to the right, but when I reach the last column then I can not jump to the next row. What do I have to add to my code to make this possible?

My StackBlitz: Angular Wmfjhh (forked) – StackBlitz


// Snippet from HTML
<tbody formArrayName="rows" *ngIf="rows && rows !== null && !isLoading">
      <tr class="optimize-row" *ngFor="let rowControl of rows.controls; let rowIndex = index">
        <td [formGroupName]="rowIndex" *ngFor="let column of displayedColumns; let columnIndex = index;">
          <div *ngIf="attributesWithFormControls.includes(column.attribute); else otherColumns">
                <input style="background-color: silver" [id]="'row-' + rowIndex + '-col-' + columnIndex" type="text" arrow-div [formControl]="rowControl.get(column.attribute)" (focus)="onFocus($event)">
          <ng-template #otherColumns>
            <div tabindex="0" [id]="'row-' + rowIndex + '-col-' + columnIndex" arrow-div>
              Here is a Number

// TS
   * Use arrowKey
   * @param object any
  move(object) {
    console.log('move', object);

    const id = object.element.nativeElement.id;


    const arr = id.split('-');
    let row: number = Number(arr[1]);
    let col: number = Number(arr[3]);
    switch (object.action) {
      case 'UP':
      case 'DOWN':
      case 'LEFT':
      case 'RIGTH':
    this.setFocus(row, col);

 onFocus(event: FocusEvent): void {
    console.log('onFocus', event.target);

    const target = event.target as HTMLElement;

    if (target.tagName === 'INPUT') {
      this.currentInputInFocus = target;

  private setFocus(row: number, col: number) {
    console.log(`setFocus [row:${row}] [col:${col}]`);
    const newElementToFocusOn = document.getElementById(
    if (newElementToFocusOn) {
      this.currentInputInFocus = newElementToFocusOn;

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