[Solved] How are you sure if you are developing something with efficient or ‘clean’ code?

NewCoder18 Asks: How are you sure if you are developing something with efficient or ‘clean’ code?
I have been coding in python for a little over a year, and I have learned a lot and developed quite a few applications, in the process.

I do not program for my profession, I simply program recreationally. With that said, I am not exposed to new programming techniques/data structures etc., that I would be learning if my day job was in the field, for example.

I have become quite good at figuring out what I want to do by trial and error in python, and I am usually pretty successful at figuring it out!

However, sometimes when I learn something new, I will find that I was doing it the long way or with way too much code that could be much more easily accomplished with fewer lines or a technique that makes an algorithm more efficient.

When you are developing software, do you strive to find the most efficient way to do something first, or do you simply code the way you are familiar?

I don’t have many programmer friends, so I have been doing this all pretty much on my own.

I watch a few twitch streams, but beside that I do not really know anyone in person.

Hopefully that adds some context why I am asking.

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