[Solved] Handling error messages from others services in Micro Service Architecture

TechCrunch Asks: Handling error messages from others services in Micro Service Architecture
Our company runs applications on a Micro Service architecture that includes thousands of services. I am working on a backend application “X” that talks to 50+ services. Frontend services call my service “X” to execute requests on other services.


Front end wants to show user friendly messages when something fails on other services.

  1. Other services do not return user friendly messages. It is not possible for me to request changes by other teams as there are several.
  2. There are no agreed error codes as such. Other services return a string error message. Currently, it is passed back to the UI. Sometimes the error messages are a pointer references (bad code :/)

Possible Solution:

Check for error message string and have a mapping in my service to a user friendly message. But things can break if the callee service changed their error message. Fallback to a default error message when a custom error mapping is not found.

Any more ideas on scalable and sustainable solution? Thanks!

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