[Solved] Guessing mnemonic phrase based on the first 2 public addresses

Jaja Ned Asks: Guessing mnemonic phrase based on the first 2 public addresses
Last hopeless attempt. I know that infinite amount of private keys can be generated from a mnemonic phrase and usually MetaMask, etc picks the first one from the list to use as the public address. Also if you create an additional account on the same MetaMask, it will generate an address which is the second in the list. I tried this in Ganache and I see it is true. So would it be possible to guess the mnemonic phrase based on knowing the first 2 generated addresses?

I am asking this because I created a wallet on MEW which I used in Metamask as a primary account and then created an additional account without backup which has ERC20 tokens with high value locked now. Now I have lost my laptop and I only have the private key and password of Account 1 and the public address of account 2

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