[Solved] grub equivalent of append parameter in txt.cfg

Fang Asks: grub equivalent of append parameter in txt.cfg
We’re using a custom Ubuntu 20.04 and need to pass variables during boot. On 16.04, we were using ISOLINUX boot loader and our txt.cfg looked like this:

label m1
  menu label Install srv (SINGLE DISK)
  kernel /install/vmlinuz
  append auto file=/cdrom/preseed/srv_preseed _C=param1 _S=param2

param1 and param2 were then available as environment variables in the boot environment.

With Ubuntu 20.04 we then switched to UEFI and that made a change to grub necessary. Our grub.cfg looks like this:

menuentry "srv" {
                set gfxpayload=keep
                linux   /casper/vmlinuz _C=param1 "ds=nocloud;s=/cdrom/inst/" quiet autoinstall ---
                initrd  /casper/initrd

However, _C=param1 is not available in the boot environment.

What’s the correct way to pass these parameters? Is there anything else we’re missing?

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