[Solved] Grouping Exposed Filters

ThuleNB Asks: Grouping Exposed Filters
I am working with the module Better Exposed Filters (BEF) within my view. I have about 12 exposed filters, some of theme are select lists and some are range sliders. Some filters thematically belong together which is why I try to visually group them under a headline. Unfortunately, this can’t be done using BEF.

I also tried Views Exposed Groups but this module can only be used instead of BEF, not together (I need BEF because of the slider funcionality). Besides I tried MEFIBS (More Exposed Filters in Blocks) which isn’t suitable for me too.

Does somebody know of another module that helps me to accomplish this problem?

PS: I am no coder so editing the exposed-form.tpl.php is the last option for me.

Thanks, Thomas

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