[Solved] Gas price and limit with Truffle deployment in Ethereum

BADWOLF Asks: Gas price and limit with Truffle deployment in Ethereum
I am developing a smart contract in truffle. I’m having some trouble understanding how GAS works in Ethereum. I used the following parameters in my Rinkeby test net:

gas limit: 4600000 
gas price: 10000000000 (10Gwei)

This means that the Gas limit is set at: 4600000 * 10000000000 ~ 0.046 ETH ~ 17 $

On the other side, I have 0.0303 ETH (~11$) on the mainnet and according to this site ETH Gas Station I put 100Gwei as gas price and then I set 30000 as gas limit (because 100Gwei * 30000 is about 10$).

I’ve got this error during deploy in dry run:

enter image description here

My question is: what values I need to use to deploy and use a contract? Who decides these values? Gas price seems to change very fast. Do I need to constantly update these values? Do I need to have more money in my wallet to deploy a contract ? How can I estimate all costs?

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