[Solved] Finding the right µC for my design/task: SPI, CAN, etc [closed]

Dakalaom Asks: Finding the right µC for my design/task: SPI, CAN, etc [closed]
my first question here, therefore please excuse me for some errors in my concept. :)

Basically I am searching for the right microcontroller for my first PCB design.

Because of limited space for the PCB, I would want it to include all the necessary additional functions I need, so that I don’t need to place too many ICs for all the connections. So the uC should have the best following functions included:

  • 1 SPI interface
  • USB interface (crystall-less)
  • CAN interface
  • small package
  • only 5 additional GPIO (additional pins aside all the necessary pins for SPI, USB, VCC etc)
  • Available on mousers or other well-known sites

I was searching for something like this, but as a “newbie” surrounded by millions of options and practically zero experience, it is hard to find and pick one. As you can see, I don’t need like the typical 100 GPIO pins most uC have.

I thought of the STM32F042 series with crystal-less USB. It has SPI and USB with crystal-less function, which does not need any external oscillator, right? But it lacks CAN for example (could be added with any easy to connect CAN-Receivers through RX/TX, but at the expense of PCB-space). Additionally it is not available at mousers and co.

Perhaps you could help me to find one with all the mentioned functions which is also a popular option with a lot of support by online comunities like the STM32 models i.e. :)

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