[Solved] Event ordering/ race condition

Omar Gamil Asks: Event ordering/ race condition
Here’s a scenario I need help with.

Say you have a dating app (distributed, multiple instances), that has a table likes

| id | user_id | liked_id |notification_sent|

If User A likes User B
    Insert into likes
    If likes contains (B likes A)
        Send match notification(A,B)
        Set notification_sent true for both rows

Now, what happens if both users A and B like each other at the same time? (race condition)? there’s a chance that the second if will be missed, as the rows are not inserted yet.

Solution A: Have a background service that runs periodically, checking for A likes B AND B likes A AND notification_sent=false

that’s not really realtime

Solution B: Always retry the 2nd check, but that just seems wasteful.

Solution C: Lock the whole table! Nope!.

Is there any othert solution to force order of events/avoid the race condition?

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