[Solved] Enable file sharing for Everyone

Milliways Asks: Enable file sharing for Everyone
I have a folder on my iMac “Movies” and have enabled file sharing for Everyone.

If I connect from my iPad in Files and login it works.

I want to allow other family members to connect as Guest, but when I try this I get an error message “You entered an invalid username or password for server”.

I tried from my wife’s iPad (she has a login on my iMac), but she could not see the Movies Folder.

I tried connecting from her iPad using my login, but this gave access to everything (including my time machine drives). There is nothing I wist to hide, but wish to avoid accidental damage.

My Question is how to access my shared Movies folder to guests (or other registered users)?

As a secondary question If I login as myself, I can see the root drive, mounted volumes (including Time Machine). This is undesirable, but I can not see how this is enabled.

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