[Solved] Difference between Data Catalog and Data Dictionary?

Yashasvi Bhatt Asks: Difference between Data Catalog and Data Dictionary?
So my work involves frequent usage of AWS and its services and today when I was using AWS Glue, I saw the Glue Catalog and later I got to know about Data Catalog. Now when I search its definition it completely sounds same as Data Base Schema, the next thing I searched on internet was Data Catalog vs Data Base Schema and in that search query, an another recommended search query came that informs me about Data Dictionary and apparently that word also have the similar definition as Data Catalog. Now as I am surfing through internet it is making me more and more confused. Can anyone tell me how those 2 are different from each other with an example. I read this article but the examples were similar, the photos the author used were similar as well. All of them states that A "Data Catalog / Data Dictionary" is used to store metadata of data stored in server / database.

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