[Solved] Describe FeatureClass shape type, can’t get past error (object has no attribute ‘shapeType’)

Molly Vey E Asks: Describe FeatureClass shape type, can’t get past error (object has no attribute ‘shapeType’)
My code:

import arcpy, csv, os

# Create a Describe object

gdb = r"Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sde"
desc = arcpy.Describe(gdb)

full_path = False # Specify whether dataset name should be full or relative

# Print some Describe Object properties
if hasattr(desc, "name"):
    print "Name:        " + desc.name   #Prints: GISUSER.sde
if hasattr(desc, "dataType"):
    print "DataType:    " + desc.dataType   #Prints:Workspace
if hasattr(desc, "catalogPath"):
    print "CatalogPath: " + desc.catalogPath  #prints:Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sde

# Examine children and print their name and dataType and their children's name and dataType
print "n"  
print "{},t{},t{}".format("Children:","Children.Child","DataType") #header
for child in desc.children:
    print "{},tt{}".format(child.name,child.dataType)

    #featureDatasets/folders = [child] 
    #so that means Feature classes or subfolders materials = child.children =ds
    for ds in datasets: 
        print "t{},t{},t{},t{},".format(
            ds.catalogPath.replace("" if full_path else gdb + os.path.sep, ""),
            shapeType = str(ds.catalogPath.shapetype) #WHERE I GET MY ERROR

enter image description here

I want to add another column after DataType for DataShape/telling the user if its a polygon/point/annotation/polyline/etc.

But then I get the error message:

Runtime error 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 40, in <module>
AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'shapeType'

Describe Object
This code I adapted(shown) does gives me the ShapeType which shows that Shapetype would work for this purpose if I could get past this error.

import arcpy
import os

arcpy.env.workspace = r"Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sde"

datasets = arcpy.ListDatasets(feature_type='feature')
datasets = [''] + datasets if datasets is not None else []

for ds in datasets:
    for fc in arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(feature_dataset=ds):
        path = os.path.join(arcpy.env.workspace, ds, fc)
        shapeType = arcpy.Describe(path).shapeType
        print (shapeType)

Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdeLayers.GISUSER.Street_LightsCP
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdeLayers.SDE.penny_parcel
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdeLayers.SDE.Subdivision_Circuits
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdeLayers.SDE.waterlines2
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdeLayers.SDE.Parks_old
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdeLayers.SDE.Trails_old
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdelayers.SDE.StSenateDstrcts
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdelayers.SDE.StHouseDstrct
Database ConnectionsGISUSER.sdelayers.SDE.USHouseRep

Basically, I’m trying to Print out all the FeatureDatasetes,Classes, tables, rasterbands and their type , inside a database.

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