[Solved] Deleting Model Data after specific sweet alert button click – Django

yojoeto Asks: Deleting Model Data after specific sweet alert button click – Django
I am creating a donation web application that allows people to donate stuff. I have a screen where users can see details about a certain donation, and if they like it they can click on the accept button, and a sweet alert comes up. I am wondering how I can delete the current donation after the sweet alert is clicked. Basically, I can’t figure out how to run python code after the js action happens. My code is down bellow

Sweet alert (I want to run python code after the user clicks ok) function showAlert() {

  title: "Accept Donation",
  text: "Are you sure you would like to accept the donation titled {{donation.title}}, which was posted on {{donation.date}} by {{donation.user}}?",
  icon: "info",
  buttons: true,
.then((ok) => {
  if (ok) {
    swal("Donation successfully accepted, please contact {{donation.user}} at {{donation.phonenumber}}, for instructions as to when and where you should pick up the donation", {
      icon: "success",

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