[Solved] Custom font (.otf) not being applied to headers and captions

Victor Asks: Custom font (.otf) not being applied to headers and captions
I am trying to use a custom font (.otf files) on a template document that I am building. I looked for different ways of doing so and am currently using the XeLatex compiler to create a new font family and I am trying to apply it to my entire document (that’s my goal, not to just use it for a certain part, but the whole thing).

The code and output that I am getting are:





My problem is that the section header and the figure caption are not in the font I selected (the body text looks good, correctly applying bold and italics as well). This also happens for page numbers, table captions, etc. I have also tried calling the coolfont in the preamble, which just gave me an error and I tried using setmainfont, but that didn’t even change the body text font.

What is the best way to use custom font files to set a font for the whole document? (I am using Overleaf for this project)

Thank you so much for the help!

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