[Solved] Couldn’t read partition map when deleting APFS container

jonah_w Asks: Couldn’t read partition map when deleting APFS container
I’m trying to clean install macOS 11.5.1 via a bootable USB. But I couldn’t find the internal SSD through the onscreen installation steps. I searched Google, trying fixing this problem, and found this command: diskutil zerodisk force disk0. So I tried this in the command line(Now I realize I really shouldn’t do that). I think after this, the partion map becomes corrupt. When later found and execute the diskutil apfs delteContainer disk0s2, it returned the error: Couldn’t read partition map.

Here are the result of the command: gpt -r show disk0 and diskutil list (I couldn’t get the text to another computer, so it’s an screenshot. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

If more information is needed, please tell me. Thank you for any help or suggestion.

disk0 and disk1 is the internal SSD(I don’t know why there’re two identifier for it). disk2 is the bootable usb installer.

disk partition info

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