[Solved] Converting to a CRS and the back to the original CRS, not the same original coordinates

scott_f Asks: Converting to a CRS and the back to the original CRS, not the same original coordinates
I am using Proj4Net to convert between coordinate systems. I’ve noticed that when I convert from one coordinate systems (CRS) and them back to the original CRS, the coordinate Y values have changed when I convert back to the original CRS.

E.g. Original EPSG 2105 X: 372893.221 Y: 809590.1314

Convert to EPSG 3857: X: 19420845.9813353 Y: -4410280.07002807

Convert back to EPSG 2105 X: 372893.221025973 Y: 809590.123207413

I have since used several different EPSG values with the same sort of results.

Its always the coordinate Y values that are distored from the original.

The coordinate X values seem to convert relatively correctly.

Here is the code from my method that converts between CRS:

            var cs_from = SridReader.GetCSbyID(from_epsg);
            var cs_to = SridReader.GetCSbyID(to_epsg);

            var ctfac = new CoordinateTransformationFactory();
            var trans = ctfac.CreateFromCoordinateSystems(cs_from, cs_to);

            var from_TopLeftCorner = new double[] { bbox_from.Min_X, bbox_from.Max_Y };
            double[] toTopLeftCorner = trans.MathTransform.Transform(from_TopLeftCorner);

            var from_BottomRightCorner = new double[] { bbox_from.Max_X, bbox_from.Min_Y };
            double[] toBottomRightCorner = trans.MathTransform.Transform(from_BottomRightCorner);

            var converted_bbox = new BoundingBox_Model
                Min_X = toTopLeftCorner[0],
                Max_Y = toTopLeftCorner[1],
                Max_X = toBottomRightCorner[0],
                Min_Y = toBottomRightCorner[1]

Is this behaviour expected or am I doing something wrong?

As I am inserting the image to use for GIS the image’s location needs to be extremely accurate.

Is this possible when converting between CRS?

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