[Solved] contact syncing between google and apple

phatmanace Asks: contact syncing between google and apple
Can someone help me understand what the current capabilities are with synchronising contacts between google and iOS?

I’d like to manage my contacts in google, mostly as that’s where they are today and I have a mix of apple and android devices.

Specifically, is it actually possible to set up syncing so that the the google copy is the golden source, but it periodically synchronises in the background with Apple?

I found a few threads/questions here (mostly quite old ones), and they generally point at doing periodic manual vcard imports (so manually export from google and then manually import to apple)

is there any more elegant way that might make this easier? Its fine if two-way sync is somehow easier to set up, but all I really need is to manage my contacts in google and have them flow down into icloud

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