[Solved] Confused with updating a newcommand constant inside a foreach loop

MaxPimento Asks: Confused with updating a newcommand constant inside a foreach loop
I am confused on how to update a “constant” construct inside a foreach loop, the similar questions on here don’t directly address the issue I am facing and I’m not experimented enough (yet! ;) in LaTeX to figure it out by myself.

I believe the issue arise from the const definition. I have tested replacing globaledef by glet,csglet, gletcs and csgletcs (quite blindly, but was suggested in a couple of answers on here) to no avail.

I’d appreciate any help on this matter,




% ---- Helper function: easily add values to variables
%      Taken from a reply on stackoverflow that I can't find back...
%.     Works like so const{VariableName}{value} ex: const{CoolVariable}{5}
%.     and can then be called with CoolVariable
%.     and can be updates with const{CoolVariable}{CoolVariable+10}

% ---- Set dummy variable 

% ---- I want to loop over a list of keywords with the name of "MyVariable"
%.     Only one here for example.

% ---- Start the loop and update values of constants in MyVariableList
foreach variable in MyVariableList{
   % ---- This updates the variable MyVariable correctly
   const{csname variableendcsname}{csname variableendcsname +20}
   % ---- Values of MyVariable changes within the loop
   MyVariable inside the loop: csname variableendcsname


MyVariable outisde the loop: 
% ---- But not outside of it 



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