[Solved] Combine two dictionaries and replace keys with values in powershell

jsss Asks: Combine two dictionaries and replace keys with values in powershell
i have two arrays that look like this:

$ht1 = @{

"computer55" = "port33"

“computer1” = “port1”

“computer2” = “port2”



$ht2 = @{

"A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6" = "port1"

"A2:B3:C4:D5:E6:F7" = "port2"

"A3:B4:C5:D6:E7:F8" = "port33"

"A4:B4:C5:D6:E7:F8" = "port45"

The first one is one I manually hardcode into the script, I have an actual list of device names and what port they are plugged into on a switch. The second one is generated with a switch script that logs in, gets the mac address table and records it as a hashtable.

My desired outcome is this, if there is a port with an assigned name, replace the port name with the device name.

$ht3(or any name) = @{

"A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6" = "computer1"

"A2:B3:C4:D5:E6:F7" = "computer2"

"A3:B4:C5:D6:E7:F8" = "computer55"

"A4:B4:C5:D6:E7:F8" = "port45"

I’ve somehow spent about a day on this(… pretty much the first powershell script I’ve ever came up with) and my end result is always the same, I end up merging two hashtables and pair the port with the computer name and not the mac address with the computer name. any direction is appreciated

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