[Solved] color personal command – overleaf bug

Thomas Lesgourgues Asks: color personal command – overleaf bug
I’ve been using for a long time a personal command for colors :


It allows me to use colors by inputing red{some text} it was always working with no issue. but since today I have a very strange behavior using Overleaf. Here is a MWE


The first time I compile this code, I end up with a runaway error :
enter image description here

Then at the second and subsequent compilations it works fine, meaning it output ‘text’ in red. But if I delete the red{} command, keeping the test the behavior is erratic (I could find a consistent pattern). Sometimes it prints ‘test’ in red followed by ‘test’ in black, sometime just ‘test’ still in red, sometimes in black…

Is there any obvious issue with my command ? Or should I contact Overleaf ? Thanks

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