[Solved] CI/CD service or tool for Drupal development

Giorgi Jibladze Asks: CI/CD service or tool for Drupal development
I am interested in, what tools or services are available on the market that provides CI/CD for drupal projects.

Let me be more specific. I mean the service to support the development process only, not the production deployments. I know, there are many services that provide general CI/CD, however, Drupal projects require some special environment to run properly during the development and testing phase.

As you know, Drupal websites and APIs are heavily dependent on the database. Although, after Drupal8, the configuration is completely moved into static files, content always lives in the database, which makes it hard for testers to test different features as the content needs to exist for every branch.

Generally, it is not possible to maintain the application state only from the source code. In order to test pull requests properly, testers and developers need content and files, which are not part of the source code and hence can not be pulled automatically.

Do you know any tool/service that helps me solve that? I just need to set up my project (link with a repo), define the initial database and files which are going to be used when build is triggered for pull requests.

That way my testers would be able to easily test pull requests, without checking and asking developers for the content to test on.

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