[Solved] Certificate in Pending state in AWS Certificate Manager

Muhammad Hassan Asks: Certificate in Pending state in AWS Certificate Manager
Our project is deployed on Elastic Beanstalk and I want to run this on HTTPs. I created my certificate on AWS Certificate Manager and choose DNS verification option. I added provided data in my Godaddy DNS records. Below is my sample data

Domain Name | Record Name | Record Type | Record Value 

example.com | _8046ecb910c52234234234234232ecae.example.com. | CNAME | _81b05686qweerttcxsaxasdadas5a566.tljzshvwok.acm-validations.aws. 

*.example.com | _8046ecb910c52234234234234232ecae.example.com. | CNAME |  _81b05686qweerttcxsaxasdadas5a566.tljzshvwok.acm-validations.aws.

AWS has given my two records for example.com and *.example.com but both records are same. So I added one CNAME record in Godaddy DNS entries. I waited for three days and my certificate was still in pending state which in the end expired. I created a new one and I have been waiting for 24 hours and it is still in pending state. I cannot use Email verification method as I am not owner of this domain.

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