[Solved] Can appliances or wiring hum at frequencies of 500Hz and above?

Discord Warrior Asks: Can appliances or wiring hum at frequencies of 500Hz and above?
I’ve been hearing this strange continuous hum in my apartment for a while now. It is a small apartment and the hum is present all throughout with varying intensities, so I can’t really infer from which direction or room it is coming from. I used an app from my phone to measure it and found it to be around 587Hz (Image attached). So clearly It wasn’t tinnitus. I found from google searches that appliances and mains can hum, but at the frequency of the AC power supply, which at my place is only 50Hz. I am trying to find the source of this annoying hum so I can repair it. Can a sound of this frequency be generated from electrical appliances or faulty connections? I am quite new to this area, Thanks in advanced.

enter image description here

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