[Solved] Can anyone suggest what is wrong with this oscilloscope?

Cool Ohm Asks: Can anyone suggest what is wrong with this oscilloscope?
I just got my hands on a new (to me) scope. It is a fairly basic B&K model, analogue, 2 channel, 30 MHz. It seems to be in good shape. It was not expensive, so I don’t have huge expectations.

It came without probes, so I purchased some cheapo units that looked decent… See the link below for reference:

Link to the probes I bought

I wonder if there is an issue with this scope. If I display a trace with a considerable vertical component, the trace seems skewed at the edges of the display but not at the center. I am wondering if this is a fault, an issue of cheap probes, and if there is an obvious fix…

To illustrate the issue, I am posting here two pictures of a 1 kHz sine wave (one with the probe at 1 Megaohm, and again with the probe at 10 Megaohm).

Any ideas? Suggestions, advice are hugely appreciated.

Thank you,


1 kHz, 1M

1 kHz, 10M

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