[Solved] can anyone solve this sql? [closed]

Bijay Shahi Asks: can anyone solve this sql? [closed]
Read the case situation given below and answer the questions that follow.

After major earthquake of April, 2015, an INGO is working on Emergency Response Program in Dolkha district. 15 staff( Manager, field supervisors, engineers etc) are responsible to run the project. The major work of this INGO are (a) Build 300 homes for those poor people lost their home in earthquake, (b) Reconstruct or repair 5 community schools, (c) support 150 families in their livelihood ( farming, animal husbandry etc) (d) education support to the children and (e)temporary support in food and clothing etc.

You have been hired to develop the database system for this INGO.

i) Draw an E-R diagram ii) Enlist the max number of tables you require in the system. iii) Show all possible and relevant attributes of at least for two tables. iv) Offer some Views (logical) of the system.

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