[Solved] Can an author arbitrarily modify an established License (Apache 2.0)?

STW Asks: Can an author arbitrarily modify an established License (Apache 2.0)?
The EntityFramework Reverse POCO Generator is a Visual Studio extension / T4 template which derives from the PetaPoco template. The PetaPoco project is licensed as Apache 2.0; and the derived work is labelled as being distributed under Apache 2.0 as well.

However, the author has added a clause to the top of the LICENSE file, stating:

This software shall not be automated, placed inside, or wrapped by, other software. Not shall it be sold or used outside of Visual Studio.

This came to my attention after the author responded to a StackOverflow question regarding using the tool outside of Visual Studio. His response included:

By the way, just to be clear: I don’t want this project to be automated outside of Visual Studio, or to be included in another product of any kind. This is stipulated in the license.

Confusing matters more the same product is distributed under a non-modified APL 2.0 via VisualStudioGallery.com, where it’s license simply cites it as an Apache 2.0 project.

Can a developer arbitrarily modify/restrict an established license?

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