[Solved] Benefit of using go-ethereum directly over hardhat

johnhckuo Asks: Benefit of using go-ethereum directly over hardhat
I’ve been building some proof-of-concepts using both hardhat with js and go-ethereum with golang. Here the link to this mini project: GitHub – johnhckuo/contract-frameworks (still under-development)

I discovered lots of benefit of using hardhat like:

  1. the richness of different task plugins, allow me to streamline the development process
  2. powerful debugging tools for solidity, console.log directly in contract or showing stacktrace really blow my mind.
  3. generate contract interface for frontend developers (GitHub – ethereum-ts/TypeChain: 🔌 TypeScript bindings for Ethereum smart contracts)

But since I’m a native golang developer, and ethereum has a go-native api (GitHub – ethereum/go-ethereum: Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol).
I was thinking why not give it a shot.

But after spending some time developing this mini project, I cannot think of any specific reasons why I have to use go-ethereum directly instead of hardhat.

Maybe I missed or overlooked some important functionalities of go-ethereum, but can someone point me out some benefits of using it?

Much appreciated! :)

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