[Solved] AW9523B I2C on Arduino Nano

EdHayes3 Asks: AW9523B I2C on Arduino Nano
I’m testing the AW9523B IO expander with an Arduino Nano. I can’t get the device to be recognized.

Using I2C scanner to find all attached I2C devices.

I’ve connected AW9523B to the correct pins to the SDA/SCL pints of the Arduino, with 5K pullups. INTN is connected to GND.

An EEPROM is also connected on the bus. The EEPROM is recognized on the bus. I swapped the SDA/SCL pins just to make sure, and still AW9523B was not found on bus.

I’ve tried changing the AD0 and AD1 pins to no avail.

I have a 22uf capacitor on the VCC.

Changing the AD0 pin does change the default state of a connected LED, so I’m fairly confident the chip is not dead.

I’ve also tried the two example sketches from:

Curious if anyone has gotten their AW9523B to work.

enter image description here

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