[Solved] Automatic numbering / Attribute forms, default value expressions: Checked ‘Apply-default-value-on-update’-box results in doubled IDs if movin

jaysigg Asks: Automatic numbering / Attribute forms, default value expressions: Checked ‘Apply-default-value-on-update’-box results in doubled IDs if moving points
I want to create several point-shapefile-layers for raster sampling with QGis 3.16. Each layer consists of 5 to 10 sampling spots (see canvas excerpt). Each spot includes 40 points. Basic spot form is a rectangle with 5 rows, each 8 points. There also several other, rotated/distorted spot forms as for example spot 3 in the canvas excerpt (other forms are not shown), but always following the principle: 5 rows x 8 points.

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The Attrribute table contains fields according to the spot/row/point nr. These numbers are derived by the point ID. The IDs start with 1 at the uppermost, left point and then increase towards right, then with rows and spots (see cannvas and attribute table excerpt).
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The points of the first spot were created manually. The following spots were created by copying the rectangle spot with the copy-and-move-tool, and in case of the non-rectangle forms also by using the move-tool to shift single points (or the rotation-tool as well in case of other, not shown spot forms).
The field numbering works automatically by attribute form default-expressions. The expression for the ID-numbering is: if (maximum("ID") is NULL, 1 ,maximum("ID") + 1). The numbering of the other fields is derived by ID-dependent default-expressions. ‘Apply default value on update’ is basically checked (see attribute form excerpt).
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Principally the numbering works.
But my issue is, that I always have to uncheck ‘Apply default value on update’ as soon as I switch from moving-and-copying or simply setting new points to just moving or rotating them. Otherwise the latter one leads to deletion of the current ID the moved point with giving it a new ID. And vice versa: unchecking the box and then copying-and-moving points will result in doubled IDs. Thus, I have infernally pay attention always to uncheck/check this box. It was no big deal, if I would have only a handful of spots, but there are some more …

So, my question is: Is there any customizing option, to keep the ‘Apply default value on update’-box checked, while not deleting/renewing the IDs if only moving/rotating some points (instead of duplicating)?

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