[Solved] Automatic Node Expire / Unpublish with Renew Option

ChrisCK Asks: Automatic Node Expire / Unpublish with Renew Option
I have a classifieds site and would like to have a node expire after 45 days (unpublished), no matter how many times the user edits and saves the node. However after the node expires, the user has the ability to renew (publish) for another 45 days. I would like the time to be strictly 45 days with simple a renew button when it is expired.

Here is the workflow:

  1. User creates node
  2. Email is sent to node author indicating successful post.
  3. Node is automatically expired 45 days later.
  4. Email is sent to node author indicating expired post.
  5. User has the ability to easily renew ad (expiry date is 45 days later yet again)
  6. Email is sent to node author indicating renewed post (different from step 2)

I would also like to have a countdown for the days remaining until the expiry date.

I have successfully built steps 1-4 using rules only, however the rules are based on the event ‘After saving new content’, which means when a node is republished/renewed the rules do not follow because it is not new content.

I have also tried using the Scheduler module to set the unpublish date but cannot figure out how to enable renew only after it has expired.

I have also tried Auto Expire but I think it only gives the ability to renew before it expires, not after.

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