[Solved] ArcGIS won’t save shapefile after changing folder name

Arthur_Morgan Asks: ArcGIS won’t save shapefile after changing folder name
I was exporting shapefiles to sub-folders (which are inside another folder called Dimmy), now, I realized that I had a typo in the folder name, so I changed the name of the Dimmy folder to Dummy. After that, when I tried exporting a shapefile, it gave the following error. So, I closed ArcScene and opened it again to see if it fixes the error, but it didn’t, so I had to change the folder name back to Dimmy, and the file exported successfully.


An error occurred trying to save the object named 

I am using ArcGIS Desktop version 10.7.1. Basically at first I started exporting shapefiles to this path:


The shapefiles get exported to this sub-folder, then I change the folder name so the path changes as follows, and I start getting this error.


Now, when I revert the path as it was before, the shapefiles get exported to that path without returning this error.

What’s causing the error, and how can it be fixed?

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