[Solved] Applying class tags to individual JavaScript Array entries after sorting

Glen Keybit Asks: Applying class tags to individual JavaScript Array entries after sorting
I am trying to apply the same css class to each indivdual entry in the created array, but instead I am getting it apllied once to the whole array.

My Code is as follows..

    function sortballhistory() {
        var str = document.getElementById("ballhistory").innerText;
    var temp = new Array();
    // This will return an array with strings "1", "2", etc.
    temp = str.split(",");
    temp.sort(function (a, b) {  return a - b;  });
    temp = 'temp.slice(1);
    document.getElementById('ballhistorysortedarr').innerHTML = temp;


ballhistory innerText contains shuffled numbers 1-90 like (2, 5, 7, 76, etc) these change each page load.

I have tried 1)

temp = '<span class="smallball">' + temp.slice(1) + '</span>';
document.getElementById('ballhistorysortedarr').innerHTML = temp;

and also tried 2)

  document.getElementById('ballhistorysortedarr').innerHTML = '<span class="smallball">' + temp; + '</span>';

and also 3)

 document.getElementById('ballhistorysortedarr').innerHTML += '<span class="smallball">' + temp; + '</span>';

But non of them give the desired result of styling each entry seperatly.

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