[Solved] AMPScript gives an error about not able to find an attribute

Daan Kramer Asks: AMPScript gives an error about not able to find an attribute
I am trying to retrieve data from a synchronised data extension with AMPScript . I have a field named Contact__c which contains the contactID. This contactID is connected to zero, one or multiple product interests (URL_Monthly__c). The product interests are displayed as an URL (<a href>).

I want to create an e-mail where the URL’s are generated based on the contactID. I have the following AMPScript:


VAR @multiRows, @row, @i, @URL_Monthly__c, @Contact__c

SET @Contact__c = AttributeValue("Subscriber Key")
SET @multiRows = LookupRows("Fund_Interest__c_Salesforce",@Contact__c,Id)

    for @i = 1 to RowCount(@multiRows) do 
       Set @row = Row(@multiRows,@i) 
       Set @URL_Monthly__c = Field(@row,"URL_Monthly__c") ]%%

%%[ Output(v(@URL_Monthly__c)) ]%%
%%[ next @i ]%%


This AMPScript gives me the following error:

The specified attribute or custom object field name was not found for this client. Function Call: LookupRows(“Fund_Interest__c_Salesforce”,@Contact__c,Id) Attribute or Field Name: “Fund_Interest__c_Salesforce”

What am i doing wrong?

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