[Solved] Adding labels after meeting a zoom threshold in Leaflet

andy_d Asks: Adding labels after meeting a zoom threshold in Leaflet
I’m making a map in Leaflet and I have up to two labels per marker:

var redIcon = new L.Icon({
  iconUrl: 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pointhi/leaflet-color-markers/master/img/marker-icon-2x-red.png',
  shadowUrl: 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/leaflet/0.7.7/images/marker-shadow.png',
  iconSize: [25, 41],
  iconAnchor: [12, 41],
  popupAnchor: [1, -34],
  shadowSize: [41, 41]

var marker1 = L.marker([25.777085, -80.193935], {icon: redIcon}).addTo(mymap);
var marker2 = L.marker([25.759461, -80.204921], {icon: redIcon}).addTo(mymap);

marker1.bindPopup('<div style="line-height: 1.2em;"><table align="center" border="0"  cellpadding=".25" cellspacing=".25" width="95%"><tbody><tr><td colspan="2"><div style="padding: 0.1em; background-color: rgb(0,0,255); text-align: center;"><b style="color:white;">Number 1</b></div></td></tr><tr><td style="text-align: center;"> <strong>$456K </strong><br><strong>2 </strong>bd | <strong>2  </strong>ba | <strong>1,008 </strong>sqft<br><img src="https://static.pexels.com/photos/189349/pexels-photo-189349.jpeg" height="50px" width="50px"/></td><td style="text-align: left;"> </td></tr></tbody></table></div>');
marker1.on('mouseover', function (e) {
        marker1.on('mouseout', function (e) {

function createLabel(layer, text, count){
    var icon = createStaticLabelIcon(text);
  var testspan = document.createElement("span");

  testspan.className = "textwidth";
  testspan.style.fontSize = "10px";
  testspan.innerHTML = text;
  var width = testspan.clientWidth +11;
  var posY = 0;
  if( count == 1){
     posY = -4;
  } else if( count == 2){
     posY = -24;

  icon.options.iconAnchor = [width  / 2, posY]; //That the label is centered

  var label = L.marker(layer.getLatLng(),{icon: icon}).addTo(mymap);
  layer.appendedLabel = label;


function createStaticLabelIcon(labelText) {
    return L.divIcon({
        className: "leaflet-marker-label",
        html: '<span class="leaflet-marker-iconlabel" style="background: #CB2B3E; color: #FFFFFF;";>'+labelText+'</span>',
        text: labelText,

createLabel(marker1, "Label 1.1",1);
createLabel(marker1, "Label 1.2",2);
createLabel(marker2, "Label 2",1);

What I’d like to do is hide the labels until the user zooms in past a certain threshold. Does anyone know how to do that? Moreover, if it is possible to only display labels after a certain zoom, is there a way so that some labels are always shown (like Label 1.1 above) whereas others only appear after passing the zoom threshold (like Label 1.2 above)?

I try adding this code, which has worked for another poster, and it didn’t work for me (my map is called mymap):

var show_label_zoom = 20; // zoom level threshold for showing/hiding labels
var labels_visible = true;
function show_hide_labels() {
    var cur_zoom = mymap.getZoom();
    if(labels_visible && cur_zoom < show_label_zoom) {          
        labels_visible = false;
        mymap.eachLayer(layer => layer.hideLabel && layer.hideLabel());               
    else if(!labels_visible && cur_zoom >= show_label_zoom) {           
        labels_visible = true;
        mymap.eachLayer(layer => layer.showLabel && layer.showLabel());               
mymap.on('zoomend', show_hide_labels);

I’ve learned the appendedLabel portion of my code isn’t standard for Leaflet. I found it here (last post) when trying to trouble shoot an issue of adding multiple labels.

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